For over 40 years I have been expressing the vivid colors, images and emotions in my heart through my art.
It is my hope you will be able to share these same feelings with me through my work.

When I paint a picture I am creating a secret place. I am forming a continent that does not already exist in my mind. It is a place that evolves as I paint. I want it to be beautiful, complete in everything, logical in its own logic, systematic in its own system, alive in its own life. That is why it must miss nothing.


People looking at such a picture must feel; Here are plants that grow, living animals, air that moves. I hope they can forget me, Jesse Allen, as they persue these thoughts, just as you forget the gardener in a garden. It is his garden that absorbs you.

But when I paint I do something else as well. I take pleasure in my materials. The strength of my paper pleases me, it cleanness, its blankness. I like my brush to come to a perfect point, not just for technical reasons, but because this satisfies me. The ritual of colors fascinates me, its laws and secrets.

I feel that I am making spells. I want to use my colors in such a way the they say unexpected things, even impossible things, but easily and gracefully.